About Us

We are here to support your business with your design and sotware development needs.

Let us bring your project idea to life.

Accrual Group is a professional Design and Software
Development company. We specialise in Website Design and Development, Web Application Development, Custom Software Development, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Maintenance
and Multimedia solutions.

Building Long-term Business Relationships

We don’t just develop a solution for your business. We continuously support you as your business grows.

We work as part of your team to provide that extra resources and technical capabilities your business needs to thrive.

Why Us?

Our mission is to enable business and individuals to harness the advantages of technology. Digitalisation empowers business and we add a human touch to it.

Our values and ethos are reflected in the solutions and servces we provide to our clients. Big and small alike, we treat every project with care and respect. 

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you and your business become more efficient, effective and profitable.

Openness & Reliability

Both internally and with our clients, we belive in open and honest communication. This makes our cleints trust us and ensure we understand them.

Quality Delivery

The experience of our team and partners means ensure that we don’t compromise on the quality to servce we deliver to our clients. Our clients always get quality services with us.

Continuous Support

We are proactive in our aftercare services and ensure we continuously provide support to our clients when they need it.

Integrity and Passion

In the face of difficult situations, we do what is right and always stay true to our values. Our passion for what we do motivates our employees to go the extra mile.

Agile Process

We employ a refined agile process to deliver projects quickly with budget considerations. Ensure we capture and deliver what your business needs.

Customer Service

We do everything to stregthen your business and put extra effort into understand our client requirements. We passionately work to satisfy our clients.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch today to discuss your project. Be it a single page website, a brouchue or an advanced web/mobile solution with AI and automation. We are here to help you with your big and small projects.